I am an authenticity bullshit slayer and astronaut discovering new planets and black holes, bringing you into new states in a snap.

I am a master in creating peanut butter with the right amount of crunch (35%). I never needed to watch Star Wars.

Discovering myself is a rollercoaster ride from hell to heaven and back. And again. And again. So I became a rollercoaster ride catalyst.

About my work

We are defined by our stories and worldviews – Is there a best soccer club, Apple or Android, whole wheat or white toast? Stories are not good or bad, they are neutral. Some stories benefit us, others don’t – for example, that we are not worthy of love or that our opinions don’t count.

Most of our ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ stories are no longer even noticeable because they are invisibly integrated into everyday life. “That’s just how I am,” some say, while every room is filled with things, or when they only drive BMW or VW – with good reasons, presumably!

What if I could choose which story to keep, and which to change?

I work with Possibility Management tools to support you in releasing blockages in your bodies (mental, emotional, energetic, physical and archetypal).

Unlike other methods that rely only on the mind, Possibility Management also trains the energetic and emotional body. This is done through maps that are mentally understood and then put into practice.

Maps are mostly pragmatic and functional. With exercises we test the validity of what is said. This creates distinctions that are experienced directly. They are like simple formulas of contemporary physics, except that the formulas describe psychological procedures and transcendental results.

I carry the bright principles of authenticity, love, clarity, empowerment, creation, connection. They work through me and a space at eye level is created. In this I stand beside you and give discernment and space to explore for the next step. How can you create more intimacy with people, or live self-determined? How does it work to live in the here and now? With non-linear possibilities we build bridges into the unknown and build a stable stand there.

After our session you continue to experiment and live from your new position. In small and big steps we venture along your path.

Did you get interested? Ask for a free 30 minute talk about your change. This way we find out how to work together.

Gabriel Millinger

Trainer for authentic evolution 
+49 176 3141 1998


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