Authenticity. Love. Clarity. Creation. Empowerment.

Welcome, my name is Gabriel Millinger

I am an Inner Structure Engineer. I help you build stable inner structure which prepares you for authentic adulthood initiation.

My magic is to create crystal clear spaces where ‘what is’ succeeds to unfold. To see ‘what is’ opens the possibility to then choose something else.

I’m a Researcher, which implies I create and conduct tailor-made experiments. (How can you research without experiments?)
I research the path to aliveness and adulthood; what wants to emerge when the shell of disguise identities falls apart.

About my work

In my work, I use Memetic Engineering, which means that I detect, create and transform memes, which are the smallest instructions for the mind (distinctions, stories, conclusions, and statements of how things are). It is like Lego with thought processes: I notice them, take them apart or create them from nothing.

Most of these skills I learned by conscious experimenting – I experiment by mixing ingredients together and by taking them apart. I add spices to meals that supposedly do not fit, rearrange furniture in a room several times to see what changes, and over and over bake loaves of bread without following a recipe. I then took these experiment- and noticing skills to the energetic and emotional domains.

All my life, I am a Coach. As soon as I acquire a skill, I try to pass it on to the next person. My 2 year younger sister learned to read, write and calculate when I got into first grade – I learned it in the morning and passed it on in the afternoon. Later in life, I first became a youth leader, and then became a trainer of youth leader training. In university, I was a tutor every year, preferably for discrete mathematics and logic. I am not surprised that my affinity for structure, logic, building blocks and interaction with people now shows up in the sessions and trainings I hold.

Gabriel Millinger

Inner Structure Engineer
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