Me personally, I love the StartOver websites. It is over 500 pages, filled with distinctions, new ways to think and experiments that can catapult you into new states of being and fundamentally transform your life. I have not read all the pages. I do not think that is necessary. But when I need some distinctions, clarity or just a different point of view, I usually find something for my current research topic.

In September 2022 I started to sense into what would happen if (where all of the sites are hosted) would close from one day to another. All pages would be wiped out in case the server goes offline. The skills built by the distinctions and experiments would remain in the energetic bodies of people, but the manual would be lost.

Therefore, I’ve built a script that scrawls through all the pages, checks if a page has new content or is newly published, and if so downloads that page. But what if my laptop breaks down, or my server? The most applicable solution is to distribute everything among the globe.

I publish the text of all downloaded pages as an archive here. Please make a local copy.